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AL Arabshahi

Hi, my name is AL! I'm a creative, detailed Product Designer with a strong background in design and architecture. I'm a huge advocate for problem-solving, design process, analytical thinking, and advanced technology.

I have a Master's degree and 6+ years of professional experience in design and architecture that help me understand design process, analytical thinking, iterative design planning, and collaboration. I have experienced working on a different scale of fast-paced projects such as Google, Lululemon, Intuit headquarter. I have been involved with the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery. I am able to adapt to all phases of a project life-cycle.


Architecture | Portfolio

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When I'm not working

When the work shoes come off

I like to go to the beach, biking or play beach volleyball. I find playing with my plants and gardening is very therapeutic for me. Also, I love go-to art events and museums. I'm a huge fan of technology and gadgets. I watch Youtube videos in my downtime to find out what new devices have been released and learn more about them or what features added to the apps I used the most.

Hike / Camping
Art Gallery

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