Design a web app that helps people transition to the career of their dreams.

Project Overview

Al Arabshahi (UI Lead)
Deepti Bommakanty (Research Lead)
Pablo Fitten (Planning Lead )
Date / Duration
Oct 2021
Two weeks
My Role
Product designer
UI lead
• Hi-fidelity prototype of web app
• Style guide and component library
• Slides presentation
Users who are seeking career change need a platform where they can gather resources and find a proper education to start their dream career.
Highlighted work
• User interviews
• Research | Secondary research
• Affinity map | Persona
• Information Architecture | Sitemap
• Moodboard | Style guide
• Sketch | Paper prototype
• Wireframe | Prototype
• User testing | Iteration


  • Uncertainty
    Users aren't sure which career path is the right fit for them, and they don't know if they have the necessary skills to make a transition
  • Overwhelmed with information
    Users are overwhelmed with amount of information and options all over the internet about different career options
How might we help career changers gather resources and get the proper education and mentorship to start on this path?


  • Provide a quiz to help users narrow their options
    They can find out what career works for them the best based on their experience and skills by taking a quiz.
  • Collecting resources and comparing courses
    Users can access all resources on the platform that help them with career change. Also, compare courses they are interested in before applying.


  • Personalized results
    Users can get a result regarding what career works for them based on their experience and skills by taking a quiz.
  • Career suggestions with percentages
    The career quiz results will show what percent match users are to careers based on their experiences and skillset

Filter and compare

  • Filtering courses
    Modifiable filter to get best courses available for users after selecting the career
  • Comparison feature
    Compare details of selected course providers and find the best option before taking it

Access to resources

  • Success stories
    Users can get inspired by see other people's success stories with the same background and career path
  • Career coaches
    Get guidance and support through 1:1 sessions with career coaches
  • Job board
    Access to the job board based on selected career


How we got to the solution  
If you are just interested to see the final prototype, click here
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• Research
• Survey
• User interview
• Secondary research
Screener survey

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We received 22 responses to our screener survey. In our screener survey, we wanted to learn more about their consideration towards a career change and what tools they used.

Key survey findings

61.9% of people form our survey have recently considered making a career change
38.1% between 30-40 years old
• Most of them use services like LinkedIn and Google

Interview with users

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We conducted 9 Interviews with people considering making a career change to understand their pain points.

What are the user's pain points?

• There's an overwhelming amount of information
• People need to receive guidance to change their career
• They like to be able to compare their options

Notable quotes

• "What I don't like is the uncertainty. unknown is scary"
• "I'm sinking in the ocean of information - I need help"
• "I feel like a novice - I don’t know what I want to go into but a transition is looming somewhere in the future"

Secondary research

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We Found 8 companies in this market that help people with career change and compare them. Some of them provide personality quizzes that helps users with their decisions.

Key Secondary research findings

• Quizzes are mostly personality test
• The result doesn't give you a specific career path
• They don't provide info information about careers and where users can find courses related to the preferred career


• Affinity mapping
• Personas
• Problem statement
• MVP Features
Affinity mapping

We created an affinity map using our interview quotes to analyze the interview results and identify pain points.

Key affinity mapping findings

• There's an overwhelming amount of information
• People need to receive guidance to change their career
• They like to be able to compare their options
• Users want to see the success stories of people with the same background


We defined our personas based on our findings from interviews with stakeholders, therapists, and users. We created 3 personas that reflect 3 main categories.

Who are the users?

Less than 2 years of experience, recently graduated from college or university but did not like open job options.
• 5-8 years of experience, Someone has been in the industry but is not happy with the current job.
5-8 years of experience, Someone has been in the industry but is open to boosting their skills to reach higher positions


• Site Map
• User flows
• Design Studio
• Sketch
• Wireframe
Design Studio / Sketch

Every team member drew preliminary sketches of the main steps that users take in order to find their desired career. We select the best ideas and iterate on them.

Sketch to Wireframe

Transferring our sketches to wireframes in Figma


Mood boarding
• Style guide
• Design iteration 
• Low to high fidelity

Test and Iterate

• Usability Test
• Iteration

We iterate our design based on our usability test


Design Key Features

  • 1. Navigation bar
    Sticky nav bar on the left side for easy access to essential topics

  • 2. Quiz CTA button
    To start finding career process right from the landing page

  • 3. Video about how it works
    A video to show how CareerUp works and tell some success stories to excite users for their journey.

    4. Quick suggestions
    Suggestions for other hot topics that users mostly use

  • 5. Questions
    specific questions regarding the topic and changing background colors

  • 6. The topic for questions
    Users can find out what kind of question they get in each section

  • 7. Progress bar
    Users are able to find out about the status of their quiz, and when they get the result

    8. Icon scale answers
    Using scale icons to show scale level for the answers

Result & Access to Resources
  • 1. Career result
    Personalize result based on the quiz

  • 2. Mach percentage
    Indicator that shows how much user match with specific career

  • 3. Pages
    Pages with the larger result and graphic to improve the visibility

    4. Filter option
    Let the users narrow down their choices based on their preferences

  • 5. Job satisfaction
    Indicator that shows the level of satisfaction in this industry

  • 6. Video
    Show a brief description of the selected career and description of what they do

  • 7. Success stories
    Users can hear from real people in the industry and get inspired

    8. Suggestions
    Suggestions | For easy access, always on the right side would be a suggestion column based on the career their selected

Find Courses & Compare
  • 1. Compare
    Selecting the providers for the course and compare them

  • 2. Course result
    To start finding career process right from the landing page

  • 3. Search bar
    User can search for specific course

  • 4. Compare with detail
    Users can compare courses with detail side by side

  • 5. Get start CTA
    Start taking the course after their comparison

  • 6. Compare reset button
    To restart the compare feature and be able to select other ones


Next Steps

  • User testing
    Conduced more user testing on the quiz & iteration based on the feedback.
  • Work on other features
    Mentorship, Meetup Groups, Find Jobs, etc.


It was a pleasure working on this project as a team. It was a great experience to split work, focus on specific tasks, and catch up with our deadlines. However, finding time to meet with all team members simultaneously and being remote was challenging, but communication helped us resolve that. With the MVP, we focused on the most necessary part of the project and solved user needs in a two-week sprint. Overall, with the help of collaboration, coordination, and time management, we created a platform that would help career changers find their dream job and access resources.


“A seasoned designer, through and through. It’s clear that Al has a vast experience and understanding of design -- no matter the medium. As he changes his focus from architecture to UX and product design, his understanding of process, ability to speak to his work, and UI aesthetic are on par with UX designers who have been in the field for years. Despite his extensive background, Al comes in humble, hungry, ready to learn and ready to work every single day. He is gritty, kind, professional, focused, organized and ready to contribute Day 1 to any team lucky enough to have him!”

- Javi Calderon | Lead Instructor, User Experience Design Immersive, General Assembly